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Pierina Nuñez loves the natural world. She was born and raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador; a warm, and richly colorful place, that overflows with flora and fauna. From the beginning, she has been in awe of nature and the feelings it evokes in her. She describes it as a reverential respect, a feeling of fear and wonder all at once that she expresses very poignantly in her art.

Pierina currently lives and works in Orlando, Florida. She specialized in painting, completing a BFA in Fine Arts at the University of Central Florida. She has had numerous exhibitions at the Orlando Museum of Art First Thursdays events and her paintings and sculptures were recently exhibited at the Gallery at Avalon Island in Downtown Orlando. Pierina has created and sold many paintings that evoke the beauty of Nature and its colors. Moreover, her art was chosen to be part of the City of Orlando Beautification Project. The design currently sits on International Drive and Jamaican Court, and adorns one of the most touristic places in Orlando, FL.

Pierina’s work has also been featured on the Orlando Museum of Art fan page. You can view and buy her original paintings and crafts at the Orlando Museum of Art Shop. In her spare time, Pierina enjoys practicing the art of glass blowing and aerial yoga, which influence her artistic process and style.

Artist Statement:

Merging seemingly incompatible worlds, I explore elegant branch-like forms to create poetic images. In my work, there is a significant use of visual rhythm and color to fabricate an illusion of powerful growth. My work goes through a process of energy, an intuitive movement that unconsciously follows an order.